Unfortunately the seat of the motorcycle gets very little attention when tuning / styling the motorcycle. With the matching seat cover from Luimito, your motorcycle will become an eye-catcher and stand out from the crowd. Luimoto has the right seat cover for the most common motorcycles. If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you need an individual adjustment, please contact us.

Parts for: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

Luimoto seat cover Kawasaki Baseline rider - 30611XX
60,00 €*
Luimoto seat cover Kawasaki Baseline passenger - 30612XX
48,00 €*
Luimoto seat cover Kawasaki Anniversary Edition rider -...
190,00 €*
Luimoto seat cover Kawasaki Anniversary Edition passenger...
113,00 €*
Luimoto seat cover Kawasaki Sport II rider - 30621XX
149,00 €*
Luimoto seat cover Kawasaki Sport II passenger - 30622XX
89,00 €*
Luimoto seat cover Kawasaki Sport I rider - 32211XX
155,00 €*
Luimoto seat cover Kawasaki Sport I passenger - 32212XX
95,00 €*
Luimoto seat cover Kawasaki Race rider - 33811XX
167,00 €*
Luimoto seat cover Kawasaki Race passenger - 33812XX
66,00 €*
Luimoto Tank Leaf Kawasaki Tank protector - L050033X
48,00 €*
Luimoto Tank Leaf Kawasaki Tank Pads - L050032X
179,00 €*
Luimoto Tank Leaf Kawasaki Set - L050031X
209,00 €*
Luimoto tank Leaf Kawasaki tank pads - L050112x
190,00 €*
Luimoto tank Leaf Kawasaki set - L050111x
220,00 €*
Why is Luimoto the premium choice?
Luimoto has been producing exclusive seat covers for almost all popular motorcycles for years. These are handmade in Canada and give each motorcycle a distinctive look.

The use of computer-assisted design and cutting techniques ensures consistently high quality. The shape of the Luimoto covers is taken from the original references. Thus, a very good fit is given.

In the more than 1500 different covers that Luimoto has as standard in the program should be for every motorcyclist to find the right design. Nevertheless, should special customer wishes arise, it is possible to customize the designs to the wishes of the customer. Also logo patches or embroidery are possible for an additional charge.

The weatherproof materials used such as carbon fiber vinyl, suede, aluminum or sports vinyl provide a pleasant feel and impress with their look and functionality.

The covers are designed so that they can be mounted by the customer with just a few tools instead of the original seat cover. The referral by trained personnel is not essential.

In addition to the seat covers Luimoto developed the gold gel pads, which are incorporated under the seat cover in the foam of the seat and there ensure increased seating comfort. Whether athlete, tourer, travel enduro, cruiser or off-road bike - the gold gel pads adapt to any seat shape and are of course also used under the Luimoto seat covers.

As the latest highlight Luimoto has developed the Tank Leafes. The Tank Leafs are attached to the side of the tank and / or in front of the head and emphasize the individual look of your motorcycle. Similar to conventional tank pads, the Luimoto Tank Leafs not only give you an extravagant look, they also protect the tank from surface damage and help you get extra grip in hot situations.