About Luimoto
The Luimoto success story began in Vancouver, Canada in the early 2000s. The two managing directors (and founders) Patrick and Will met and made friends in high school, not least because of their common interests. Both have a passion for design, cars and motorcycles.

As modification enthusiasts, they quickly realized that there were many accessories on the market, but hardly any for motorcycle seats. One day Patrick found a good and neat looking carbon-fiber fabric in a shop and ordered a few yards of it. Will and Patrick then experimented with different designs for motorcycle seats and decided to turn their hobby into a profession. In 2006 the two founded Luimoto.

Luimoto's product range was initially very manageable. Initially there were only a few models that Luimoto sold over the Internet. Over the months and years, new designs were constantly added and the range of seat covers was expanded to include more and more motorcycle models. The product range has also been expanded and exciting products have been added, such as the gold gel insert and Tank Leaf tank pads that go with the seat covers.

Meanwhile, Luimoto consists of a small team that is constantly working to offer unique and well-designed products. Luimoto's quality standards are very high and that is why Luimoto designs and produces everything himself. Development, production and sales take place at the headquarters in Vancouver, but Luimoto is known far beyond the country's borders. Motorcyclists all over the world appreciate seat covers from Luimoto.
Luimoto seat cover production
Luimoto seat cover are sewn
Luimoto material for seat covers
Luimoto seat cover and bike seat
Why Luimoto Designer Seat Covers?

Luimoto has been producing exclusive seat covers for almost all popular motorcycles for years. These are handmade in Canada and give every motorcycle a distinctive look.

The use of computer-aided design and cutting processes guarantees consistently high quality. The shape of the Luimoto covers is taken from the original covers. This ensures a very good fit.

With more than 1500 different covers that Luimoto has as standard in the range, the right design should be found for every motorcyclist. However, should special customer requests arise, there is the option of adapting the color of the designs to the customer's wishes. Logo patches or embroidery are also possible for an extra charge.

The weatherproof materials used, such as carbon fiber vinyl, suede, aluminum or sports vinyl, ensure a pleasant feel and impress with their appearance and functionality.

The covers are designed in such a way that they can be fitted by the customer himself with a few tools in place of the original seat cover. Obtaining by trained staff is therefore not absolutely necessary.

In addition to the seat covers, Luimoto developed the Gold Gel Pads, which are incorporated into the foam of the seat under the seat cover and ensure increased seating comfort. Regardless of whether you are an athlete, tourer, travel enduro, cruiser or off-road bike - the Gold Gel Pads adapt to every seat shape and can of course also be used under the Luimoto seat covers.

As the latest highlight, Luimoto has developed the Tank Leafs. The tank leafes are attached to the side and / or in front of the head and underline the individual look of your motorcycle. Similar to conventional tank pads, the Luimoto Tank Leafs not only give you an extravagant look, but also protect the tank from superficial damage and give you an extra portion of grip in dangerous situations.