Guarantee and return
For all purchases of Luimoto products made in Europe, the respective general terms and conditions as well as the right of withdrawal of the dealer from whom you purchased the goods apply.

Basically: Standard products (all that are immediately available and buyable on the website) fall under the 14-day right of return. Custom designs are non-returnable.
Alle Sitzbezüge werden vor der Auslieferung auf Fertigungs- und Materialfehler geprüft. Die Garantie deckt die Qualität der Verarbeitung, der Nähte und des Vinyls für 1 Jahr nach Kaufdatum ab. Die Garantie setzt normalen Gebrauch voraus. Sollte der Artikel mit Benzin oder anderen schädlichen Chemikalien in Berührung kommen, erlischt die Garantie sofort. Auch für Schäden, die durch die Installation oder während derselben entstanden sind, sind wir nicht haftbar zu machen. Auch Schäden, die durch Reinigungs- oder Pflegemittel hervorgerufen wurden, die nicht zur Reinigung oder Pflege eines Luimoto Sitzbezuges empfohlen wurden sind von der Garantie ausgeschlossen. Die Reinigungs- und Pflegeempfehlungen finden Sie weiter unten in den FAQ. Wenn Sie die Garantie in Anspruch nehmen möchten, wickeln Sie diese bitte mit dem Händler ab, bei dem Sie die Luimoto Produkte gekauft haben.
The installation of the cover is easy, but should still be carried out calmly. All important information, downloads and videos for assembling all Luimoto products can be found under assembly instructions.
The only difference between the individual types lies in the way in which the Luimoto seat cover is constructed and thus mounted differently.

Type-A:This type of seat cover is designed in such a way that the driver's seat cover has small "pockets" in the front and rear, making the seat cover the easiest to assemble. The seat is first pushed into the front pocket. The seat is then stretched backwards and pulled into the back pocket by folding it down. The structure is only the case with some seat covers.

Type-B:These seat covers are similar in structure to type-A, except that the driver's seat cover only has a small "pocket" in the front area and the seat is simply pushed into these pockets. This makes the assembly of the seat cover easier, as the cover then only needs to be stretched backwards and stapled firmly.

Type-C:The Type-C seat cover has no "pockets" at all and is therefore not as easy to assemble as the other two types. To help, Luimoto made small notches on the edge of the covers to make it easier to align the seat covers.
The foam is very thin in some seats. Such as on some Ducati seats. We have therefore put together a list of seats for which it is not advisable to use a Gold Gel.

Basically, you can measure the thickness of the foam beforehand: Dismantle the seat cover, then take a common household needle (sewing need, etc.) and mark it with a felt pen at about 1cm from the tip with a small point. Now pierce the area to be upholstered. If the marking has not disappeared or is very far out, you cannot install Gold Gel at the point.

Yes, we have various options to customize a seat cover exactly to your needs. Material colors and surfaces as well as seam colors can be changed in existing designs. In addition, logo patches or embroidery can be made. If you have completely different ideas, we will try to implement them according to your wishes. You are welcome to contact us about this by phone or email.
The only difference between the two materials is their surface structure. While carbon fiber vinyl has the look of carbon fibers, sports vinyl is much simpler. The surface is very similar to leather. The durability of both materials is very high. Due to the combination of fabric and coating, the vinyl used is very weather-resistant, water-impermeable, dimensionally stable and colourfast. Please understand that there may be color deviations due to the surface structure. A 100% match of the color of painted surfaces and that of vinyl materials is not possible due to the refraction of light.
No, the cover and assembly instructions are included in the scope of delivery. Normally the original cover is removed and replaced with the Luimoto seat cover. Exceptions are glued seat covers, in these cases the Luimoto seat cover can be mounted over the original cover.
Care and cleaning
If you observe the following recommendations, you will enjoy your Luimoto seat cover for a long time.

  • Vinyl:
    The vinyl of the Luimoto seat covers can be rinsed off at any time with mild soap and water. Wipe away any excess water with a clean cloth. You can also use a soft brush for stubborn stains. Under no circumstances should you use commercially available vinyl cleaners. This could make the seat very slippery and affect your control of the vehicle.

  • Synthetic suede:
    Brush the cover while it is dry to remove dust or dry stains. For stubborn stains, you can use mild soap and water. When washing the motorcycle, make sure that a maximum of mild soap comes into contact with the seat and make sure that the soap has been rinsed off completely. Squeeze the remaining water out of the cover with a towel. It is best to let the vehicle dry in the sun for about 15 minutes. In no case should the material remain moist. The cover should not be exposed to the sun all year round.